Why you should have a meaningful purpose in life

What is a life purpose, exactly?

  1. Gifts: the things you are good at, but that you also enjoy doing. Doing these things gives you energy. Your gifts can relate to anything: they could be a hobby of yours like playing the piano, cooking, sports, or even something like networking, teaching, communicating.
  2. Passions: you should use your gifts on something you feel passionate about, like for example helping people, fighting climate change, etc.
  3. Values: your environment should match your personal values.

Why should you care about finding your life purpose?

How do you find your purpose?

  • Which struggles are you willing to put up with and what sacrifices are you willing to make?
  • What did you enjoy doing when you were a child?
  • What activity can you lose yourself in?
  • How can you show more vulnerability?
  • How will you make the world a better place?
  • If you were forced to go somewhere and do something every day, where would you go and what would you do?
  • If you knew you were going to die a year from now, what would you do and how would you want it to be remembered?
  • Donate your time, money, or talent
  • Gather and internalize feedback
  • Surround yourself with people you actually like
  • Start talking to new people
  • Explore your interests

5 simple steps

  1. Find out what drives you
  2. Find out what energizes you
  3. Find out what you are willling to sacrifice for
  4. Find out who you want to help
  5. Find out how you want to help

Paradigm shift required



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Jasper @Amplio Coaching

Jasper @Amplio Coaching

Jasper is the founder of Amplio Coaching. He believes that every single person has the potential to overcome any challenge in life and to be happy.