Well-being in the tech industry: 5 things you can do to elevate yours

1. Master your mind

The long commute, the surrealistic working atmosphere, and the constantly changing organization structure are elements that are basically just inherent to the tech industry. You chose to work in this industry. While you take all the advantages, you also have to deal with the disadvantages. And that doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s just a matter of mind work.

2. Choose for the now

3. Choose a healthy life

Obviously, but even more important while you are working in tech. Working in tech is like a paradox. Health is prioritized but at the same time an abundance of unhealthy snacks are provided and irregular work hours are awarded. Don’t fall for the set lifestyle of tech companies but use the tools that are provided to live a healthy life where you got all your nutrition, exercise, and sufficient sleep.

4. Choose to spend time for yourself

Working in tech is amazing because every day a new cool event is thrown where you participate and have loads of fun. You can have drinks every day. Probably you are able to do all kind of activities on a weekly basis. That’s amazing. But we all need some me-time so once in a while. So don’t neglect the innate need that we have to spend some time by yourself. Ideally, schedule some time every week regularly to have some me-time.

5. Widen your horizons

I have been there. The tech industry can swallow you up. Before you know it you spend your weekend and evening besides the regular working hours with people working in tech. Normally, people working in tech are very sociable, open, and have the same interest. Hence, many people tend to not leave the safe haven and embrace also merely techies as friends. It has been researched that a diverse social environment, differing in age, culture, industry etcetera, can boost your wellbeing.



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