5 Simple steps to live a happy life

What does WOOPH stand for?

So what is the WOOPH mental strategy exactly? WOOPH stands for WISH, OUTCOME, OBSTACLES, PLAN, and most importantly, HABITS. By taking yourself through these five letters, you will be able to draft a fairly accurate path towards your WISH. If every step is executed well, you will pave a way towards the life you want. The method has been proven effective in various studies with people of all ages and in many areas of life. Originally the mental strategy is referred to as WOOP (SOURCE), but we believe it is of paramount importance to add the letter H (HABITS) to it. You want to increase the likelihood of following through on this plan. Habits are going to help you there, knowing that 40 percent of your actions are not conscious decisions but habits.

1. WOOPH has helped people improve their health

2. WOOPH has helped people regulate their emotions more effectively

But the benefits of applying WOOPH go beyond improving health. People with prejudices became more tolerant and socially responsible after applying the WOOPH mental strategy. Couples have reinforced their bond by applying the WOOPH mental strategy and reducing toxic behaviors like jealousy. Even people who were struggling with their past (trauma, regrets etc.) have used the WOOPH mental strategy to overcome disappointment, regret, anger, and other negative feelings.

3. WOOPH has helped boost students’ academic performance

1. Wish

  • “Become a millennial coaching authority worldwide”

2. Outcome

  • “Feeling of contributing to my favorite generation”

3. Obstacles

  • “inconsistent content creation”

4. Plan

  • If “inconsistent content creation”, then I will “create a plan for the next 6 months to get myself back on track to create content recurringly and consistently”

5. Habit

  • An obstacle that I saw to “Become a millennial coach authority worldwide” was that while work started to pile up that I would “refrain from enriching myself with the latest research”. To mitigate the risk I would run into this obstacle, I started to study the latest trends every morning between 7 and 8 o’clock.

We all want to set habits bringing us to a happy life. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but let us share best practices with you.



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