5 Coaching Techniques that will help boost your Life Satisfaction

  1. Taking Responsibility — A technique that lets you understand that you are responsible for your own happiness. This technique can result in a paradigm shift.
  2. Sharing Acceptance — A technique that helps you to bring matters into perspective. A technique that tells you life doesn’t turn around you, but you can turn life your way.
  3. Ensuring Accountability — A technique that ensures that you keep steady on your path towards your goals, like family and corporate or athletic success.
  4. Facilitating Self-Coaching — A technique that helps you to coach yourself, making you more independent and more in control of your own happiness and fulfilment.

1. Increasing Awareness

2. Taking Responsibility

Continuing on with the second online coaching technique “taking responsibility”. Life, especially in the current times, bombards you with options. It has been researched that the amount of stimuli we have in a day, nowadays, is comparable to the amount encountered during a whole lifetime 200 years ago. We have so many distractions surrounding us. If we want our lives to move in a certain direction, we have to take responsibility to make that happen. By taking responsibility, you can channelize energy into achieving your goals instead of shooting blindly.

3. Sharing Acceptance

Over to the third online coaching technique “sharing acceptance”. In our lives, we are taught by the media and our upbringing that life revolves around us. Hence, every setback we consider as a major backlash. Online coaching can help you to gain perspective of the hilly ride of life. Sometimes you are at the top of a hill, where everything feels amazing, and sometimes you’re at the bottom, where life seems to be hell. This counts for everybody’s life. If you develop your personal acceptance muscle, you’ll be able to approach life with more serenity and patience.

4. Ensuring Accountability

5. Facilitating Self-Coaching



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